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It considers that the exploitation of women through these forms of ‘entertainment’ legitimises negative attitudes towards women and is inextricably linked to gender inequality and sexual violence.The key risk factor for experiencing CSE is being female.Depending on the incident or the abuse, it may be possible to get protection under the law.

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Click here if you wish to navigate away from this site quickly The sexual exploitation of children is child abuse and any child or young person, regardless of gender, ethnicity, family background or sexual orientation, may experience this kind of exploitation.

There are children who may be deemed more at risk due to circumstances i.e.: Police Scotland has a specialist unit, the National Child Abuse Investigation Unit (NCAIU), to support the investigation of complex child abuse and neglect across Scotland. Police Scotland’s first national operation to tackle online child sexual abuse has resulted in the identification of more than 500 children, aged between 3 and 18 years, who were either victims or potential victims of online predators, as well as the recovery of 30 million images of abuse.

He later forwarded the images on to nine other people.

Byrne then had sex with two underage girls, aged 13 and 15, in 2008 at a flat in the Glasgow's Bridge Street.

Any form of sexual contact which someone does not agree to is sexual violence.

Anyone who does not respect another’s privacy, who will not leave them alone, who posts embarrassing or threatening statements about them, or ‘shares’ photos online without their permission is being abusive.

The information on this page is for parents and carers.

It suggests what you can do to help your children stay as safe as possible when using the internet. You can download this information as a leaflet here.

A 13-year-old girl from Manchester then met Byrne through another chat service.

Byrne travelled down twice to meet her in 20 and recorded them being involved in "explicit sexual activity".

It has resulted, to date, in 77 people being arrested and charged; the recovery of more than 30 million sexual images; the assessment of over 100,000 chat logs; and more than 390 charges libeled, including: rape; sharing indecent images of children; grooming for sexual purposes; sexual extortion; indecent communication with children; possession of a firearm; bestiality; and drugs offences. Police Scotland works to secure convictions with partner agencies across the UK.


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