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Last year, he was sent to the capital's notorious Industrial Area Remand Prison pending investigation of his case.By the time he was released two and a half months later, he had suffered serious mental and physical abuse.Maybe I had a little less pain in my eyes," she says. A hero's face—a few strands of hair fell over his noble, slightly furrowed brow.

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By some estimates, 50,000 children roam this city's streets, often because their parents cannot afford the fees at Government schools.

The streets of Nairobi are now divided into turfs, with gangs of girls run by what in Western terms would be considered pimps, and gangs of boys ruled by an older boy who enforces discipline.

It is not rare for juveniles to be sent to adult remand prisons in Kenya.

During their time in detention, Joseph and the three other boys with him - all in their early teens - were regularly beaten by the other inmates.

The London march will start at 12 from the US embassy, then travelling through the capital to a rally in Trafalgar Square.

Thousands of Australians joined the Women's March in Sydney, rallying in Hyde Park with placards carrying slogans including “Women of the world resist", '"Feminism is my trump card" and "Fight like a girl".They know what fate awaits them if they are caught and charged with vagrancy.So far, Joseph, aged 17, has spent only one period in detention but he says it was the worst experience of his life."As the show progressed, though, that friendship started to break down, especially as Santana moved from a background character to one with bigger plot lines and more screen time. Hosted by Adam Devine, the live telecast held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles is also expected to feature music performances from Noah Cyrus, Big Sean and a group number of "Hey Ma" by J Balvin, Camila Cabello and Pitbull. If you're unable to tune in, make we present you the complete list of winners updating throughout the evening below.Wasia na Getrude also seeks to debunk common myths regarding sexual relations, the male and female physique, hygiene tactics, etc.


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