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If you would like to purchase a saw or other tool, or if you have a question, contact me by email at [email protected]

The ship's carpenter likely bought the saw directly from White, but the salty sea air eventually took it's toll. I'm not sure if this would be called a dog-head hammer, but it is certainly similar. These are used in the hammering of large round saws to achieve tension and flatness.

Due to the heavy pitting, the saw is better suited as a wall hanger than a user. If you are interested in some or all of these, contact me and we can talk about what you want and what the price will be.

The of 1861 greatly increased the cost of imported steel, making it impossible for other saw makers to compete with Disston.

By supplying steel products to the Union Army during the Civil War, Disston accumulated huge profits, enabling him to invest in the factory, mechanizing much of the process of saw and tool making, lowering costs, and increasing production.

Simonds made several second-quality lines of handsaws, which I am not including on this page. According to Erv Schaffer in Hand-Saw Makers of North America, Simonds manufactured handsaws at least between 19.

However, he also includes an ad from around 1903 that shows a very early looking version of the #9 saw.I have a pretty high turnover of saws, so if you don't see what you want right now please keep checking. Price for both Leather Punches -- This is a group of 10 leather punches in various sizes. Brands include Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett, Craftsman, Fuller. Price for the 3/4", for the 5/8", or for both. I don't know if it was for setting large circular saws or 2-man crosscut saws, since they had both. Price Saw Spiders -- Two shop-made spiders for measuring set on circular and/or 2-man crosscut saws. My saw inventory is slim right now, but I should have more available starting this fall when I begin working in the shop again. Price 5 19th Century Thomas White Saw -- This saw is from a Scottish ship's carpenter tool chest. The plate is faintly stamped Thomas White, Plymouth. Stanley Rosewood Try Square -- Twelve inch Stanley try square with rosewood and brass trim. Price Pair of Firmer Chisels -- A pair of long chisels, these are square edge firmers. Blacksmith's Spring Swage -- I've been told this is a tool used by blacksmiths in the forming of hot metal. The round hole formed when it is closed measures 7/16". These are from an old Idaho sawmill sharpening shop. His apprenticeship ended when his master's company went bankrupt in 1840.At the age of 21, Disston was freed from his employer and was compensated with tools and materials in lieu of cash payment for his work. This unusual bench mounted hacksaw is a nice tool that is well made and a quality product. It tapers from end to end and is about 4 1/2 at the heel and 3 3/4 at the toe. An early brass backed English backsaw by a well known and documented maker. The open handle is Rosewood and has some handle chips. I have provided a number of photos so you can decide for yourself. As with the rare # 8 half back I have listed above, the real question here is, w This unusual early Disston backsaw is pretty nice. There is some minor pitting that can be worked around if it is to be put back into use.


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