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To start, you should be especially familiar with pivot tables, the Google Adwords API, the Google Analytics API, and keyword research of course.Utilizing these APIs and being consistent in the formatting of the data you put into your spreadsheet will make it easy to update.In addition, dependent on your site’s business model, tying revenue metrics to keyword data is a whole other battle.

Data Frames are useful for when you need to compute statistics over multiple replicate runs.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use Luis Zaman’s digital parasite data set: from pandas import * # must specify that blank space " " is Na N experiment DF = read_csv("parasite_data.csv", na_values=[" "]) print experiment DF [class 'frame.

This is all coded up in an IPython Notebook, so if you want to try things out for yourself, everything you need is available on github: In this section, we introduce a few useful methods for analyzing your data in Python.

Namely, we cover how to compute the mean, variance, and standard error of a data set.

Before jumping on to the tips, it helps to know how excel represents the date and time.

Microsoft Excel stores dates as sequential numbers …We all know how tasty it is to pick up vegetables from the market every morning and eat them, but this seems to be so called “daily luxury”. Also from the research data, more and more people are anxious about “lack of vegetables & fruits” in their daily life, they even take a smoothie instead of coffee on a daily basis, taking fresh vegetables is a big matter nowadays. Lifestyle has changed dramatically in terms of economic situation and our life has become busier and busier. Naturally both wife and husband work and there is less “housewife” archetype who can spend enough time for shopping everyday. We all have experienced seeing our vegetables getting wilted in the refrigerator, which were full of water and energy when we picked them up on the market.


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