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But fans can still dream, and that's exactly what happened on social media on Sunday night.

Twitter exploded with love for this nonexistent couple.

It was literally just a week ago that certain corners of the internet were abuzz with rumors that Bella Hadid had struck up a possible romance with fellow 'it' model Jordan Kale Barrett. Creepy paparazzi photos taking from the street of the pair hanging out at Hadid's New York City pad.

As it turns out though, the pair are just old friends, and Hadid slammed the press not only for running with the spurious gossip but for running the photos in the first place.

For some reason, I have a feeling Drake will be OK.

Unrequited love is rough, but something tells me he won't have trouble finding another date.

Of course, sure, at this point Drake has been linked to just about every single female celebrity under the age of fifty, but you'd think following the Barrett embarrassment there'd be a little more hesitation about rampantly declaring Hadid and anyone a possible item until at least July.

The story goes that the pair were both spotted outside West Hollywood hotspot The Nice Guy last night.

, the "One Dance" hitmaker is reportedly spicing things up with Paloma Ford, a 30-year-old pop and R&B singer, who has previously been linked to Iggy Azalea's ex-fiance, Nick Young.

While Drake and Paloma are absolutely smitten over each other, the source said they're keeping things low-key due to his profile.

They both left at 4 a.m.: Drake through the back door into one of his SUVs, Hadid through the front door into one of Drake's cars.

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