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Finding love is a tricky beast to tackle, especially in a house full of singles trying to win over the R&B heartthrob.

His cheshire grin is impossible to deny, but it seems like he might be starting to feel bad about stealing so many dudes’ girlfriends and instead is looking for love in a more typical way: a reality TV show.

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Steal Your Girl” on his new reality show Trey is Tremaine, the latest eligible bachelor on a conquest to find his perfect match.

It’s all fun and dancing at the opening rose ceremony, but as soon as love hits the fan, other emotions run wild.

Trey: You know, with the publicizing of August’s emotions a few months ago, I never wanted to respond to that in a negative light. After 40 interviews, you gonna pop off at some point. Aside from me and August at BET, it was Chris there. Would you consider yourself to be the romantic type? When I’m in love with somebody, you’re going to feel it. Nicki has really taken control of her destiny and she has for so long. What she got going on is dope to sit back and look at.

One thing that I’ve realized over the last couple of years, you know stepping into the game is that we gotta work together. She’s at the point where she’s the hottest she’s ever been and for us to do a record right now, it’s amazing. She’s literally in this predominately male-based business and she’s running sh*t. MN: Is there someone special in your life right now?

We were recently able to catch up with the beloved R&B crooner with the million dollar smile for an extremely honest and straightforward interview, where he dished on dating obstacles, love, his desire to start a family and reconciling with August Alsina following their highly publicized falling-out. When I feel somebody for the person that they are, I love their conversation and I love being around them and I ain’t really tripping off of sex. When I fall in love and making love, I’m all down for that.

MN: You had an amazing performance at the BET Awards last night. If I’m dealing with somebody, they wanna have sex talking about how I do this, that and the other. Sex is something that for me, when you’re viewed as a sex symbol or however you want to put it, you know it’s an object. It does get a little tricky because you don’t know what people’s motives are.

Trey: I got somebody that I care about, but we’re not at that place. For me, I’m focused on becoming a legend and making sure musically, I handle mine.

Outside of that, I’m not looking for love, but I do want it one day.

Earl Hayes -- the man who cops say shot his famous wife to death Monday and then killed himself -- was haunted by her infidelity ...

in particular what he said was a fling she had with singer Trey Songz. Shots rang out, the SWAT team came, busted through the door and discovered the 2 bodies. around 2 years ago he separated from Stephanie because of what he says was her affair with Songz.

Watch the trailer below: Amber Rose will interview Trey about being in the series as part of VH1’s “14 Days of Love,” the network’s Valentine’s Day celebration.


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