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News of events is published bi-monthly in the County newsletter which is distributed to all branch members or download from our website.To find out more contact your nearest branch secretary.

Before that, it takes just 3 weeks for her to develop from an egg.

With thirteen local beekeeping branches in the Kent Bee-keepers Association there are always lectures and demonstrations happening in Kent.

I have spent weeks looking through the paper, and websites for a room to rent. did a great job of introducing me to many people with whom I had things in common.

If I had only know this service was so easy, I would have tried it sooner. The last thing I expected was to find the man of my dreams.

Tired of all the internet dating services where there is never anyone online? That is why, right here you can signup and talk to other people who live in Rochester.

There is No more delay waiting for email responses.2 hours after posting my ad, I had a large number of replies. Not only did I find a great place with a great roommate... I have found a roommate through this service and I am happy!To collect a pound of honey a bee might have to fly a distance equivalent to twice round the world.None of them gave us as prompt response as EGR; besides EGR explained very clearly about how a room is built and has many cases of other clients as proof.After a study we felt very confident in choosing EGR to build our garden room.This is likely to involve more than 10,000 flower visits on perhaps 500 foraging trips.

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