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But the 70-year-old billionaire simply straightens his blazer and waits, appearing to refuse a handshake from another leader before the footage ends. No need for that."And a third added: "The face he makes after shoving himself to the front of the line says it all." Another clip of the POTUS has gone viral for showing him firmly shaking the hand of newly-elected French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron for far longer than might be necessary.

The clip has been shared thousands of times on social media, sparking outrage from viewers."He's a thug. And earlier today footage of Trump cheekily attempting to hold hands with the Pope during a Vatican visit went viral.

READ MORE: G20 summit 2017 LIVE: Donald Trump faces Merkel and Putin as tensions boil between nations Brexit negotiations began last month, one year after British citizens voted to leave the Brussels bloc and “take back control” of the country’s policies. Ahead of the ‘family picture’ at the summit this afternoon, Theresa May was spotted leaving after a “retreat meeting” with Donald Trump in which trade could have been a key topic.

He said education, research, investment and jobs across the union were “at risk” due to the UK’s time-wasting.

He said in May: “This concerns most prominently the remaining €700m for the Youth Employment Initiative, which would send a negative signal from Europe to its youth in need of support.“Without additional flexibility until 2020, the capacity of the EU budget to provide a meaningful financial response to unforeseen events will be seriously limited, particularly in the area of migration.”The 2018 budget focuses on youth unemployment, the migrant crisis and economic growth.



And now the POTUS has raised eyebrows by barging through a group of politicians before a NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium.

In a video uploaded by CNBC journalist Steve Kopack, a group of NATO leaders walk and talk together, as Trump hangs loose at the back of the pack.

An extra £5.3 billion will also be put towards refugees, security and public investment.

It comes two days after the Brexit negotiations finally began after months of build-up.

This infuriated Brussels, which accused the UK of playing mind games ahead of the Brexit negotiations.

In April a fuming Mr Barnier said: “I would appreciate it if the United Kingdom would work in the spirit of agreement with the EU, rather than against it.”Gunther Oettinger, Germany’s European commissioner and the man responsible for the budget, had also hit out.

The bloc had been waiting for the UK to approve its midterm budget review, which did not have enough support to pass.

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