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If we do not show any parameter name for the wiki markup, then you should leave out the parameter name and simply include the parameter value as the first parameter, immediately after the colon ( A list of labels to search for, separated by commas.

They're all stored in the same location, called a profile folder.

These files are kept separately from the program files that Sea Monkey uses to run, which don't change.

This setting specifies search engine links that are added to the end of users' search results for bookmarks, history, or downloads.

They provide users with easier access to search engines when they perform searches.

The default location is on the "C:" drive in the "Users" folder.

Look for a folder that matches your Windows profile name.Any changes you make while using Sea Monkey are stored in files so that they can be used the next time you run Sea Monkey.These changes can be obvious, like your home page, mail and news messages, or changes you've made to the toolbar, but also include things like your history, what sites you've visited, which messages you have read, and text you've entered into forms like search fields.By changing the default location where your browser stores bookmarks, it is possible to synchronize these bookmarks.This enables you to have access to your favorite bookmarks no matter which computer you are using.You can choose between "'Never Expire" or "24 Hrs." This setting is valid only if the "Allow user to securely save authentication credentials" setting is selected.


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