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La Nueva reports the scarecrow had "a plastic tube of about 15 centimetres coming out of his trousers".

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Breaking down in tears, she said: “She pushed me and I fell down the stairs.

Then she just climbed over me and left.” Newland then described how she chased after her alleged victim, as was shown in CCTV footage seen by the court yesterday. I thought I’d never see her again.” Newland described how after this argument, she drove to a road bridge and contemplated suicide.

She said: “She said to me ‘you were stood there with a strap-on on, what have you got to say for yourself Gayle? She didn’t want anything to do with me – and she said I was ‘sick’. She said: “I just wanted to jump off and be hit by the traffic.

The thought of not having her in my life was unbearable.

A 58-year-old shepherd found dead in his house may have been having sex with a scarecrow using a strap-on sex toy when he died, according to reports.

Argentinian newspaper El Diario Balcarce reports the man had been dead for at least 24 hours when he was discovered.

"I wish I had just ripped that mask off." Questioned further about her level of intimacy with Newland the complainant said: "I can't stress enough I felt like I was being made love to by a male.

"You pursued this course of conduct over a lengthy period during which you played with her affections, acting entirely for your own sexual satisfaction and choosing to ignore the devastating impact that the eventual discovery of the truth would have on her" She said no blindfold was used and she did not strap bandages to her chest or wear a woollen hat and swimsuit.

Samantha is one of four single friends portrayed in the series, a proud, confident, highly sexual woman.

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