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Thank God I read your scam black list, although I think I would have seen through this one because of my questions not being answered. I am attaching the photo she sent and the last two letters follow this. Nice of her to give her address and phone number, I will be in Kharkov in September, maybe I should look her up. Thanks for a letter with your concrete view to our relations. We must decide now something less important but more current.

The matter is that I'm not able to pay for the Internet in a moment. An Internet here in the Ukraine is casts 50 US$ a mounth.

Others make assumptions that totally ruin their chances of getting any action at all and definitely void date two before it happens. Seriously, we’re not all sensitive and some girls are as cold as ice. Just because you pay for something doesn’t mean you’re getting action. Again, it’s not the amount of money you spend on our date. Unless you show up in a Bugatti Chiron, then I don’t care what you’re driving. If I want romance, I’ll watch the movie , featuring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Yes, I’ve hooked up with physically unattractive people because they had killer personalities and were fun to hang with. Some guys assume that if they’re honest and open about EVERYTHING it will work in their favor. There are just some things that I really don’t want to know about, I hate to say it but that’s the honest to god truth.

I’m here to share the top ten things that most guys assume when dating today. Guys assume that we automatically want to see what your unit looks like and that bombarding our phones with schlong texts will get you laid. Feelings don’t always come into play especially for me and you’re not going to increase your chances of scoring if you treat me like I’m sensitive. Guys assume that if they’re packing downstairs that we will def bang them. The average guy has the same chance as the one packing a baker’s dozen in inches downstairs. I’ve been on many dates where guys were disappointed thinking they paid and deserved some booty. I give it up when I want and most of the time I do. I could care less how much you have or what type of watch you sport. Just don’t pick me up in your mother’s minivan and we’ll be fine. You assume girls can’t party, drink, do drugs or get crazy like the guys do. Guys think that a six pack and dressing nice is going to get them somewhere every single time. So now that you know what not to assume, just don’t and we’ll be fine. We made each other feel special, and it was as though I’d been waiting for someone like her all my life.But I soon found I couldn’t just call or email her when I wanted to.If you'll do that we will have a fast way (Internet) to discuss our future. My dearest, the matter is that at this time I've lost my second job which gives me usseally a possibility to have an Internet.There is not exist Internet gratis here, in the Ukraine.Here’s a rundown of the assumptions you need not make when dating girls today.


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