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Frozen is still the theme for Disney parties everywhere - here's where you can buy your outfit and dress like a princess for a day.

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She was starting a new gig at a graphic design studio, and lacked professional attire. Just remind him, yet again, by email, what a worthless piece of dirt he was.

So she did what she always did when she wanted a fast buck: She emailed Ralph, one of the wealthy “pay pigs” who served her, gifting her clothes, shoes, gadgets, groceries, luxury vacations—whatever she demanded. Not handcuff him or lead him by a leash attached to his balls. “I had to make it clear that he wasn’t good enough to be in my presence,” says Astrid, a tattooed redhead in her early 30s, who lives and works on the Lower East Side.

For that honor, he gave her access to a credit card, paid her utilities and rent, and handed her extra spending money when she wanted it.

“I’ve gotten five grand, 10 grand, just for me saying ‘I need it, no questions asked, fuck you,’ ” she says proudly. Astrid is a financial dominatrix, or Fin Dom, who says she earns between $50,000 to $70,000 a year for emotionally battering men—and that’s on top of her day job.

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