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As my parents job speed dating daa adopt this old school mentality, they want me to find a girl not only in the same religion but also from the same caste.

Hell, the latest fad for hipster white girls at the moment is wearing bindis on their forehead, not to mention the popularity of Indian culture and yoga among the swpl types.

I'm not sikh...i'm not anything...i like your religion...i agree with pretty much everything it has to say ..situation i'm in now....i met this girl, she's sikh, she's 17...i'd really like to go out with her (that is to say if she'd want to go out with me), but i don't understand if she can date me or what...i'd say that right now i have a huge crush on her..the more i get to know her the more i just appreciate her for her....(know what i mean??

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They stormed upstairs to the main hall and demanded that the priests end the ceremony, hurling insults at people who objected.

One of them told a priest that, if their demands weren’t met, he would get 1,000 of his friends to come to the temple within the hour.

Britain’s Sikhs, long seen as a minority success story, are plagued by a faction of young men ‘defending’ their vision of the culture – and seeking to impose their views by attacking the nuptials of women who marry ‘out’ It was meant to be the happiest day of their lives – a celebration of modern multicultural Britain at the biggest Sikh gurdwara (temple) in the Western world.

On 7 August 2015, in west London, a British Sikh bride and her Polish Christian groom sat together and absorbed the religious blessings at their wedding ceremony.

I've recently noticed a phenomenon in the last 3 years, in the amount of sikh sisters goin out with black guys & ultimately gettin married to them.

My cousin, from Birmingham, recently got married to a black guy, & to make matters worse the turd is a muslim.

the bitch never came bak coz she found herself a paki & became a muslim.

the last we heard about her, is that she wears the full muslim ninja outfit & lectures in islam... 4 too long in this country we sikhs keep our identity alive by gloryfying the history of our gurus.

& especially in birmingham this trend of sikh girls marrying black guys to the utter diapproval of their parents is on the increase. y r we findin it so difficult to preserve the way of life taught by our gurus? i'm gona do wot i plz if my ole man does wot he plz.

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