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He tells me he loves me and we’ll be fine, but can I trust that what he’s saying is truly how he feels? Am I going to push him away by my need for reassurance? After all, how do you believe him when he’s simply repeating the words you’ve asked him to say?

Because they don’t understand the REAL reason women need reassurance, men don’t automatically support that need.

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I feel desperate for reassurance that we’ll be okay. When you seek reassurance about his love for you, it’s especially frustrating for a man. Why else would he listen to you talk about your day, help put the groceries away and pay for the movie tickets? When I use this tool in my relationship, I like to say: “I know you don’t have a ton to give at the moment. There are words I’d like to hear that would help me feel better.

I ask him to say something nice to make me feel better. When he gets the message over and over again that he’s not doing a great job, he starts to believe you and eventually he’ll stop trying, throw in the towel, and walk away from the relationship. If there's a part of you that can connect with them in a genuine way, would you say this to me: I get how you might have reservations about step #1.

Men tend to misunderstand a woman’s need for reassurance – interpreting it as a complaint that he’s not a good enough partner.

You need to regularly make deposits of effort and love in order for a woman’s need for reassurance to be fulfilled so that she feels loved in the relationship.

Or you’ve stopped dating altogether because you’re tired of being disappointed.

Most women want to have meaningful romantic relationships and will often work very hard to achieve their romantic goals.

I hope you’re having a thoroughly fattening and delicious Thanksgiving!

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