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We decided to brand it with Board Game Blitz, since we could!This year, we were able to get a small conference room at a Holiday Inn in San Mateo, and we capped registration at 50 people.

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0.9.1 version: blitz-0.9.1gz Windows versions: 0.8.5, 0.8.4, 0.8.3 thanx to Alex Sladkov for these builds. PHP 4.3.10, ZPS 4.0.2 Sigma 1.1.5 (cache on) Smarty 2.6.15 (tpl-compile on, output-cache off) Blitz 0.4.3 Fast Template 1.1.0 XTemplate 0.3.0 php_templates 1.7 c Template 0.8 (ctemplate 0.4, nothreads) These measurements were made quite long time ago (PHP 4.3.* with Zend Performance Suite, and old versions of template engines).

Browse: new releases on github or old sources (up to 0.8.17), all win32 binaries Docs/Translations (current doc is most latest! Now we need to make the same test with modern PHP 5.3.* with APC.

I still need benchmark tests for some popular systems like CTPP, Clear Silver, Twig, Lapa, Quicky, Macro/WACT or possibly many others.

If you just send me how to implement the test with these systems - I'll test it and add the results here.

Crystal flew in for the weekend, and we got to hang out for the whole convention!

One of the events we tried to have at Blitz Con was called Blitz Dating.

The benchmark code is available to download and one can add benchmark code for any other template engine.


  1. I promotori dell'iniziativa, Marco e Suor Olga, sono stati intervistati dagli organi di stampa locali (Obiettivo News), come possiamo vedere nel seguente filmato. Il Battesimo "ci fa diventare membri del Corpo di Cristo e del Popolo di Dio.

  2. There are demonstrable — often gendered — rules to the online-dating game, as statisticians and digital strategists have shown repeatedly.

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