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Once upon a time, professional athletes and rock stars got a bad rap for being notorious cheaters that got a ton of action thrown their way.

In today’s tech driven world, men that work in IT are among the new MVP’s.

If you feel the need to justify your actions, you are probably in the wrong. If you’re not happy with your partner and you feel the need to get whatever else from someone else, please re-evaluate what you need.

Today, I'm the co-organizer of the major event Blackhat Arsenal Tools (US and Europe) since 2011 and since 2014 co-organizer of Rooted Warfare in Spain.

I'm going by the handle of @toolswatch on Twitter and always willing to help, share and drink with friends from far and wide.

Just for fun, we put together some stereotypical fake profiles and tips to help you decipher if she’s the real deal. The thought of rejection isn’t as brutal when you’re shielded by a monitor.

The “Supermodel” Profile For most guys, approaching a stunning woman in real-life takes some serious cajones. When it comes to the allure of the “supermodel” profile, think before you “wink”.

In the dictating book of the English language, trends are: [ trɛnd ] NOUN Noun: trend · Plural noun: trends "the Richelieu River trending southward to Lake Champlain" This beautiful description of a common English word was brought to you by the dudes (and chicks) of the Oxford University Press. Are we setting ourselves up to be insecure by denying attachments? I experience a great deal of social anxiety, and sometimes my active combat measures only make things worse. Messaging no longer requires any weight of sincerity.

The Oxford English Dictionary will be my source of reference here. I’d like to have a word on a particular trend that worries me. Our expression of sexuality, and general clichés of the ‘ideal' have become rather outrageous! It is used in place of ‘no strings attached.’ But in this kind of relationship, the two parties are consenting to friends with benefits over the long term, keeping their relationship open. Several studies have been done at the University of Illinois. It also empowers those who are shy or otherwise socially awkward.

Hook Analyser is a freeware project, started in 2011, to analyze an application during the runtime.

The project can be potentially useful in analyzing malwares (static and run time), and for performing application crash analysis.

Although in my case, I've lost contact with some them eventually. She understands art and stuff, and also happens to be a very good painter.

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