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Usually a message will be shown on screen to say that access has been denied.

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Anonymizer: An intermediary website that hides or disguises the IP address associated with the Internet user.

App: Abbreviation for “application,” it is a piece of software, primarily referring to those used on smartphones, tablets, and other touch-based devices.

Use all the privacy restrictions available and don't give unnecessary information like cell phone numbers, Knorr says.

This is also a good time to talk about what not to post, such as your home address, your child's location, and any inappropriate pictures (including those that have "geotagging" that gives away the child's location.) Instruct her never to "friend" anyone she doesn't know, and never to share her password, Edgington says.

Tell her that she can come to you if anything happens online that makes her uncomfortable.

Write a contract for your child about how they behave on social media.

Leslie is currently developing more websites and technology to further the recovery and healthy living cause.

Whether or not you're tweeting or sharing your daily thoughts on Facebook, you have to acknowledge it: Interacting with friends online is a fact of life for your children. "It's a parent's responsibility to parent around the technology", says Shawn Marie Edgington, author of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all require children to be at least 13 years old to join.

School can come with costs; from books and stationery to bus and food money – but if you have the conversation with your child now, they’ll be more than prepared when the new semester comes around.


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