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The trouble is that nobody in the office has managed to get it working consistently, and we all seem to be getting different errors.

We've scoured the web looking for fixes to some of the most common problems, including "connection to the server has been lost" messages, regular disconnections and crashes.

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It does this by scanning the memory contents of the local machine.

A computer identified as using cheats may be banned from connecting to protected servers.

Today we are hearing reports of PC gamers being inadvertently kicked out of games of Battlefield 3 by Punk Buster, the good news is that the guys at EA DICE have been looking into the issue and there is now a possible solution.

We first heard of this issue when EA DICE’s Global Battlefield Community Manager tweeted this message: To resolve the issue simply download the latest version of Punk Buster, you can download this here, and during the installation procedure it will uninstall the previous versions of the application.

We only support legitimate changes, and nothing in BF3 Settings Editor will cause you to get banned — it's completely safe.

This is a known issue which affects a small minority of our users.

When you open the new version of Punk Buster for the fist time you will have to select Battlefield 3 from the ‘Add a Game’ section and check for updates – once you see a message reading ‘No New Updates Needed’ you are ready to go.

If for some reason you have problems with any of this check out this link.

There are many players using this tool, and none of them have reported any issues with Punk Buster. As explained within BF3 Settings Editor, the aim assist setting only affects single-player and co-op modes; it is already enabled in Battlefield 3 by default, so all you can do is turn it off.

It does nothing in ordinary multiplayer games (where aim assist is always disabled) and is therefore not a hack.

DICE has not made any official statement about BF3 Settings Editor; however, they are aware that it exists and is in use by many players.


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