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She belongs to the ethnicity white and nationality American.

Her videos in You Tube get millions of views and this makes her a huge internet celeb.

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She graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor's degree in Forensics and Investigative Sciences and Biology. Her sisters Breanne and Justine Ezarik also developed web followings.

She met Mark Hamill at a January 2015 Kingsman screening.

At this age she has already won millions of hearts all over the world with her amazing comic skills and acting talent.

She is a very talented comedian and a very popular internet celebrity.

For those with the standard edition of Gears of War 4, the game will not unlock until later this week.

The Standard Edition release date is set for Tuesday, October 11 and UK players will get to kick off their adventure at around midnight.The full regional unlock times can be found below: ORIGINAL: Digital Copies of Gears of War 4 on Xbox One and PC will launch at different times around the globe.The game is also affected by a two-tier release system, depending on which version of the title you own.Owning Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition provides an earlier release time on Thursday, October 6.Below you will find the unlock schedule for Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition and Standard Edition broken out by region. For instance, UK Gears fans will get to start playing the game at midnight on Friday, October 7; This is due to the time difference and means a long wait for some. Recently Toby and i Justine have been seen together in several of each other's videos and that of course set tongues wagging and sent the Youtube rumor mill into a frenzy: "Have you heard that i Justine is seeing Tobuscus? ", so they made the video below, with their little Youtube love child: Yeah, THAT'S going to dispel the rumors lol. When Toby was vlogging he mentioned that she had vlogged "the same thing" just before he did, so if IJ does post her version of the parking lot baby fiasco I will post it on here as well so we can get her story. After all IJ is my secret Internet girlfriend (so secret she doesn't even know about it) but we won't see them together again in another video for a while. Phil got the eventual winner correct, although I was rooting for the Steelers myself.

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