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Every time a well-known person commits suicide, I brace myself for a torrent of well-meaning but patronizing advice to suicidal people on various social networks and blogs as the friends of the victim try to find something – anything – positive to do in a situation that is by definition past all help.

Most often this takes the form of lecturing people to talk to their friends or family if they are feeling depressed or suicidal, mixed with a little “If only they’d known how much we liked them, they would have stayed alive!

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I argue that we, as as society, should take more responsibility for making people’s lives bearable, and focus on supporting more concrete ways to prevent suicide, like helping people contact professional help, supporting research and treatment of depression, and fighting for social justice.

Edited to add: This comic from Hyperbole and a Half does a much better and funnier job of getting across what’s wrong with “You should talk to a friend!” Why is the “just talk to someone” advice so harmful?First, being told you need to talk to someone induces feelings of guilt and responsibility at a time when you are most unable to deal with an added burden.OVER A ROUND of whisky tastings arranged by the offline dating group, Floh, in Bengaluru, Shikha Malhotra, 31, and Vivek Fernandes, 33, began what was to be a one-and-a-half year love affair.Management consultants both, they’d meet every Friday and Saturday night for dinner and drinks at some of city’s trendiest restaurants.The sweet talks on the phone, emails every day, the affectionate emoticons on MSN and Facebook, aren’t enough. We need to see, touch and feel all the time, and that’s where technology fails. If cheating does not take place, she will dump you for a next man or woman, or vice versa. (Oh please; I’ll believe women when donkey grow wings).

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