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By using a projectile-point identification system developed by David Hurst Thomas called the Thomas Key, Cassinelli was able to type and date nearly every piece in the collection.

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The survey and testing resulted in the recording of 151 pieces of debitage and one Late Paleoindian projectile point.

The projectile point was initially identified as a Middle Archaic Mc Kean lanceolate, but the presence of basal margin grinding and beveled resharpening suggest an affiliation with the Pryor Stemmed Complex (Frison 1973; Husted 1969; Pitblado 2003).

The Game Creek site was first recorded in September 2001 during a class III cultural resource inventory conducted by OWSA-Survey at the request of WYDOT (Eckles and Rosenberg 2002).

Initial work at the site consisted of a systematic pedestrian survey and the excavation of six shovel tests.

Eakin and Eckerle (2004) identified five sedimentary units on the T3 terrace (Strata I through V).

In the early 1990s, Dennis Cassinelli inherited a collection of Great Basin Indian artifacts from a relative.

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