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CV Profs has a proven track record of ten (10) years successful experience in line with the highest level of service excellence including absolute customer satisfaction.

That is why we have designed our downloadable CV Templates to help you write your own CV like a professional.

If you would like to view some basic free CV Templates please click here.

If you misplace your CV, or your computer crashes, you will always know your CV is safe with CV Profs.

You’ve revised your resume, updated all of the information on it and incorporated all of the right keywords.

Our CV Templates have been designed by Professional CV Writers with over 9 years of experience and are designed to ensure that your CV stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons, giving you a unique edge over your competitors.

We provide CV Templates tailored for use by those applying for Entry Level (Starter), Graduate and Professional roles, with accompanying CV Writing Guides and other useful information.Don’t just rely on Microsoft Word to catch misspellings — read and re-read your resume to catch potential errors. Present) As a general rule, if an action or accomplishment on your resume is in the past, use the past tense. Sure, you have also worked in PR or marketing, but when a hiring manager looks at your resume, they should be clear about the narrative you’re trying to tell.Then, send your resume to a friend to have them read through with a ‘fine tooth comb’. However, if you are speaking about a current role and current accomplishments, use the present tense. You can ensure that hiring managers and recruiters are clear by focusing your resume on the . Font & Size Consistency A pet-peeve of recruiters is a resume with three or five different fonts.Press Release - Fraud Involving Jurors and Internal Revenue Service (Posted 6/14/2016) Press Release - Fraud Involving Magistrate’s Court Summons (10/16/2015) Press Release - Fraud Involving e Juror Scam (08/01/2014) Press Release - Fraud Involving Jury Fine Scam (Reposted 03/18/2014) Warning! There is currently a huge array of free CV Templates available to download, the only problem with free CV Templates is that lots of other people have probably downloaded them too, and you run the risk of your CV looking exactly the same as the other 200 on the pile!CV Writing Revamp / CV Writing Creation is done in such a manner that your Professional CV will stand out above all other applicants.


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