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The future is four steps ahead of you in 12D chess.

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I'll tell you why: They have a family who puts an emphasis on education.

If every time you stepped out of the house someone whacked you in the head with a shovel, you might become more fearful than other people of trying or doing new things.

This bibliography covers printed journalism related to the FSM from 1964 on, with many illustrative quotations, and such links to the actual texts as we can provide. By rejecting the procedural commitment to free speech, they have also undermined the substantive value of free speech, which will come back to haunt them as a precedent to censor expressions of their own views.

Those on the left who have sought to close down offensive or dissenting views have provided an easy target for the right.

Lawrence is graduating this summer, nearly a year early, a decision reinforced by how Berkeley has dealt with the turmoil.

'I don't want to be on a campus where I'm looking over my shoulder all the time, but the people I'm constantly looking over my shoulder for can stand on the steps of Sproul' -- where the Free Speech Movement was born, in 1964 -- 'and give a press conference.' ¶ 'Everyone just kind of wants to keep their head down, and the administration is really hypocritical about what's going on, for all their talk about wellness and campus climate.

Some people couch this in points about culture while others claim that there is real measurable important biological diversity among humans and that black people just happen to have gotten the short end of the stick as far as intelligence is concerned. You can't talk about "faulty family structure" when you're discussing situations like black mid level corporate managers who repeatedly find themselves training white co-workers who swiftly surpass them, black youth who are stopped by () the NYPD more than white youth but have fewer guns or drugs found on them, black authors or musicians who can't get cover stories or reviews in white media, black accountants who discover they're paid less than someone white with less education or experience or my personal favorite, black job seekers who discover they have less of a chance of getting a job than someone white with a felony or who learn that their resume was rejected immediately because their name or zip code indicated probable African ancestry. And if anything black parents put more emphasis on education than white parents do simply because they hope that education can protect their children from some of the worst instances of racism in the labor market. Although the issues of the so-called underclass , future time orientation, out of wedlock births, conflict resolution, etc are well known and important to solve, they are not the only problems facing the larger black community.

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